Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wedding Wonders

We (why we and not I) (will the we get we-er or the I get bigger once retirement constant company kicks in?) went to my nephew's wedding this weekend. Both she and me found the experience emotionally challenging.  These family gatherings, especially funerals and weddings, are stark reminders of the accelerating passage of time and consequent impact of said passage on

- skin tone
- hair color
- posture
- dancing ability
- energy level
- contemporary music knowledge
- tolerance of loudness
-  need to leave early to get home to put jammies on and get to bed to read the book and be asleep my nine

Who the hell are all these old people?
Who are we/me?

To quote a great singer/songwriter

This train is moving too fast
I want this moment to last

Well at least the moment when I was watching the beautiful, young men and women dancing, and smiling and singing and thinking of how good life can be and is.

I am thinking more and more of Siddartha and his words to Govinda

"Time is not real, Govinda, I have experienced this often and often again.  And if time is not real, then the gap which seems to be between the world and eternity, between suffering and blissfulness, between evil and good, is also a deception."

As I watched them dancing I honestly felt I was them and they were me and we were every dancer that ever laughed and twirled and hugged and cried and gave our heart away and had our heart broken.

To life!