Thursday, May 3, 2012

Prayer and Psychodoodle

Last night Dorothy and I went to the first in a series of five spirituality workshops at the Unitarian Universalist church in Binghamton (UUCB).  We've been going to UU churches off and on for about forty years and have attended the UUCB regularly since moving to the area last May.  The series we began last night uses the popular UU hymn "Spirit of Life" as a basis for spiritual exploration.  One of the exercises was to look at a series of  spirituality related phases from UU hymns and pick three to five of the phrases that struck/impacted/wowed you the most.  We were then asked to use these as a basis for  a drawing and also for a written piece.  The writing could be a poem, song, meditation, prayer, etc.  I believe both the drawing and writing were supposed to be more or less spontaneous expressions of  whatever was stimulated? by the phrases.

  Here's what I wrote...

Deep power in which we exist
May your guiding light
Help us grow joyfully in unfolding grace;
Live with an open heart;
Dwell in wise silence;
once again,
Our eternal home.

So I wrote a prayer.  And meant it. It feels odd how comfortable I am now with this previously shunned behavior.

I also found the picture I drew interesting.  I look forward to future sessions.