Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cross country cross-border adventure begins tomorrow

Tomorrow morning, Wednesday, January 20, 2016. Dorothy and I are leaving on a two-month adventure to Arizona and Mexico. 

I'm making a commitment "right now" to write something every day in this blog and to include pictures and videos whenever possible.  This "travelogue" format may mean that my posts may not be as high brow as usual.  I encourage readers to be patient. and they may find some gems among the rough stones.

One of the big differences with this year's  trip to Mexico is that we're starting it off with a cross country car trip to Tucson to visit our daughter Katie before heading south of the border. Tomorrow the plan is to leave about 6 AM and drive approximately 550 miles to Roanoke Virginia.  We're leaving a day earlier than we planned because of a snowstorm that's working its way up the East Coast and is scheduled to hit Roanoke on Thursday. Dorothy and I are having a discussion/debate about whether to go through Alabama and Mississippi or to cut across Tennessee Arkansas and then into Texas. Again we'll see how that works out. If experience is any teacher we'll probably do the Tennessee Arkansas route. 

We plan on taking it easy getting to Arizona. Probably taking six or seven days. We'll spend four or five days in Tucson with Katie before leaving the car there and taking a bus to Hermosillo Sonora Mexico. From there we have reservations for a February 1st flight to Oaxaca in southern Mexico. We have hotel reservations for four weeks at Las Mariposas. A hotel where we've stayed three other times and which we really love. We then have a week without any plans. Maybe Mexico City maybe will stay in Oaxaca. Quien sabe? Our last week in Mexico will be at San Agustinillo. A small beachfront town in the state of Oaxaca on the Pacific coast.  We'll then fly back to Hermosillo and get a bus back to Tucson. Plan is to stay there a week and then head back east. On the way back I'm hoping to stop in Myrtle Beach South Carolina and play a couple rounds of golf with a friend from my golf league. 

There's no question this is probably one of the most ambitious trips we've ever taken. My personal goal is to try to savor every moment, understanding iow fortunate we are to be able to do this. I'm hoping that the process of keeping this blog will be a tool to help with this appreciation. 

If you decide to join us in this journey by reading this blog every once in a while that would be fantastic.