Sunday, January 29, 2017

Riders in the storm

We're finishing up our week in Tucson and will be catching a plane to Merida, Mexico on Tuesday.

It's striking how different this trip is from last year's journey. At this stage last year it was all about hopeful, excited anticipation - looking forward to new and interesting experiences.  This year its much more about how to stay sane and responsibly engaged during an ongoing national nightmare. The crisis in our country is permeating everything and grows exponentially with each new executive order.  Today I sit in comfortable Tucson sunshine while refugees are being handcuffed and confined at airports across the country.  Christian refugees given priority entry.   Outrageous.

We attended the service at the Tucson Unitarian Universalist church  today.

The chair of the social justice committee read a Declaration of Conscience from the Unitarian Universalist Association and asked everyone to sign it.  I encourage you to read and sign.  Here's the link.

It felt good to be among UUs. especially when singing "Gather the Spirit" and "We Would Be One"  The opening song was "Turn, Turn Turn".  For every thing there is a season indeed.. The sermon title was "The Return of the Chaos Monster." (not who you think it is)

We've stayed at AirBnB places the last five times we've been in Tucson and they've all been unique and interesting. The place we're staying at now tops the bill. It's called the "Bohemian Art Apartment."  Our host is a wonderful, kind, considerate man named Wesley.  Here's a link about the apartment.  Wesley is a skilled iron worker and made most of the furniture we are using.  Our bedroom is decorated with some very interesting Guatemalan indigenous art as well as an assortment of other pieces.
This is the door leading into the apartment.

One of the perks Wesley throws in with the apartment rental is a ride in his rickshaw.  He took us on a romantic excursion to the Coronet Hotel where we saw our daughter Katie and her friend Ben play some wonderful music.

Thanks for reading and a special thanks to everyone who took the time to respond to my initial post.  

En la lucha,


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  1. That's what I have a talent for reporting. Great stories, great pix, great precis`, just great. Thanks.